Locally Grown, High Quality Hydroponic Lettuce and Greens

Crops grown at TrueFarms:
TrueFarms grows a wide selection of lettuces and greens that our customers demand. All elements of growing the best lettuce are carefully and routinely analyzed.  A very important variable is the quality of water used to feed the plants.  It is so important; that we used it as a primary factor in purchasing the land for TrueFarms.  We tested the water with a known university as part of the close process to purchase the land.  The test results on the water were spectacular.  The water is so pure and free of bad elements we don't need to treat it before feeding the plants.

We are currently growing:

1. Boston Bibb

2. Arugula

3. Medley Lettuce (three different green and red leaf lettuces)

4. Spring Mix

5. Basil (seasonal)